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Marius Ghincea

Ph.D. Researcher at the European University Institute

About Me

Doctoral Researcher at the European University Institute, Florence.

I am a political scientist interested in international relations and foreign policy. My research agenda rests at the intersection of political science, sociology, and cultural studies.

I am currently a doctoral researcher at the European University Institute, in Florence. Concurrently, a Research Fellow at the Hertie School of Government, Centre for International Security, and I teach transnational governance at the School of Transnational Studies and IR theory at the John's Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), in Bologna.

I contribute regularly to Romanian and transatlantic policy debates on issues related to foreign policy and security through policy papers and op-eds in major newspapers.

What I Do?

Bridging the academia-policy divide.



My research agenda is focused on international relations and foreign policy. My key interests lie around the linkages between cultural factors and foreign policy, public opinion, and global orders.



I teach broadly on topics related to international relations and world politics. At SAIS, I lead graduate-level seminars on IR theory. In the past, I have taught political economy, foreign policy analysis, and I gave lectures on national security.



I have extensive experience on public policy issues and I regularly contribute to policy debates with analyses and expert opinion. I also provide consultancy to private and public stakeholders.

Notes and Contributions

Opinion pieces, policy papers, interviews, and other public interventions.

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