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From policy ideas to research endeavors, I make sure that I achieve my fullest potential. I’m open to discussing policy proposals, research projects, and ideas that can benefit from my input.

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  I was born in Romania, where I quickly discovered my interest in policy, international relations and how much we can redefine tomorrow’s world by today’s actions. Currently, I am a Fulbright Scholar and Global Leaders Fellow at GWU, where I research and study on topics related to public policy, foreign and national security policy.

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My latest posts

Discussing the opioid epidemics

9 Sep , 2018   Op-Ed

I was discussing yesterday with an American friend about the forthcoming US Senate vote on the opioid response package and how it is just another example of racialized policymaking. When you think about what policies the US government tends to adopt regarding substance abuse, it’s obvious that these policies are without exception resulting from the […]

Constitutional Identity and Illiberalism

9 Jun , 2018   Op-Ed

The concept of “constitutional identity” is not one of the most publicly recognizable legal concepts, but it has become one of the core concepts used by several constitutional courts in Europe and beyond. It has been used usually to argue for a larger degree of jurisdictional and interpretative autonomy when discussing issues which involve international […]

Let Assad Win. The West Will Win Soon After.

17 Apr , 2018   Analysis

The Syrian civil war drags on for over 7 years, with no swift end in sight. It is a humanitarian catastrophe and preempts any possible geopolitical stabilization of the Middle East, which is badly needed by all actors in the region and its near neighborhood (Europe, Africa, Central Asia). This multi-sited civil conflict, transformed into a proxy […]