I was born in Romania, where I quickly discovered my interest in policy, international relations and how much we can redefine tomorrow’s world by today’s actions. Currently, I am a Fulbright Scholar and Global Leaders Fellow at GWU, where I research and study on topics related to public policy, foreign and national security policy.

I have an MA in International Relations, with distinction, from CEU and a BA, valedictorian, from the University of Bucharest. I work on several projects on policy and research and I have a strong interest in narratives, identity/security nexus, and foreign policy.

Academically, I focus my research on topics linked to international security, norms, and identities. I primarily research the security/identity nexus, the role and impact of strategic narratives in international relations, as well as the role of discourse in constituting the social reality and public policy. I usually engage with constructivist and post-structuralist scholarship and methodologies.

Professionally, over the years I have acquired policy-related expertise by working with Romanian and European policy-makers, with a particular focus on foreign policy and international security. I have a long-term commitment to building exceptional expertise on foreign policy by engaging with avantgardist theoretical and policy approaches as well as more traditional perspectives. Looking to offer effective and efficient solutions to current issues by using quantitative and qualitative methods that are falsifiable and innovative.

Personally, I am a team-player, extrovert, ready to help anyone who would need it. I am open-minded, social liberal, and I usually talk a lot about (international) politics and policy. More importantly, I am open to being approached by anyone, anytime, as long as you do it respectfully and with good intentions.