Zeitenwende. Time for a Reassessment of Romania’s Foreign Policy?

My newly published FES analysis “Zeitenwende. Time for a Reassessment of Romania’s Foreign Policy?” tackles key assumptions, ideas, and predispositions guiding Romania’s foreign policy thinking. And, in so doing, tries to address several other important questions: What are today’s geopolitical, strategic, economic, and diplomatic challenges Romania faces in the world? How does Romania’s “climate of […]

Angajarea și dezangajarea Americii la Marea Neagră

Am scris un editorial pentru Contributors pe marginea dezbaterilor recente despre o presupusă dezangajare a Statelor Unite din regiunea Mării Negre. Editorialul argumentează că înainte de a discuta dacă sau nu America se dezangajează din regiunea Mării Negre, avem nevoie de o clarificare conceptuală a noțiunii de „dezangajare”. Ce înțelegem prin dezangajare și are ar […]

Moldova’s president now has a legislative majority to push through her anti-corruption agenda

Vlad Iaviță and I published a short analysis (paywall) for the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage on the snap legislative elections from the Republic of Moldova. “Moldova held snap legislative elections July 11. After a months-long wrangle between Maia Sandu, the pro-Western president elected in November, and the pro-Russian majority in the legislature, new elections were […]

Who Summons the Dragon? China’s demand-driven influence in Central-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans

Together with Clara Volintiru and Ivan Nikolovski, I co-authored a policy paper on the influence of China in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. We show that while we agree that China wants to increase its economic and political influence in the region, there is a significant difference between the story we hear […]