Let Assad Win. The West Will Win Soon After.

17 Apr , 2018 Analysis

The Syrian civil war drags on for over 7 years, with no swift end in sight. It is a humanitarian catastrophe and preempts any possible geopolitical stabilization of the Middle East, which is badly needed by all actors in the region and its near neighborhood (Europe, Africa, Central Asia). This multi-sited civil conflict, transformed into a proxy […]

The overlapping interests in the Syria-Iraq civil war

29 Jan , 2016 Analysis

The Syrian civil war enters in its fifth year of continuous bloodshed that killed over 250.000 people [1. According to the UNSC News Brief from August 17, 2015.] and the Iraqi civil war enters its third year, after almost 10 years of endless insurgency. The 2003 Iraqi war and the 2011 Arab Spring completely changed […]

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The construction of surrogate parties in unconsolidated polyarchies: the catch-in party

28 Jan , 2016 Analysis

In the last days, my Facebook newsfeed is filled with photos, links, and posts regarding the newly established “military”-wing of the United Romania Party (Partidul România Unită). This pathetic publicity stunt was created to attract the press attention on the National Congres of the party, so I’m not going to speak about the Vlad Țepeș Guard but about […]