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What do I believe in?

In the past few weeks, I have struggled with a significant personal and philosophical dilemma regarding my own set of beliefs and values. I struggled to clarify and maybe build a more coherent self-conception of the world and of myself in it. And I constantly returned to the same question: in what do I believe […]

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Discussing the Opioid Epidemic

I was discussing yesterday with an American friend about the forthcoming vote in the U.S. Senate on the opioid response package and how it is just another example of racialized policymaking. Even a form of social construction of policy target groups. When you think about the policies the US government tends to adopt regarding substance […]

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Constitutional Identity and Illiberalism

The concept of “constitutional identity” is not one of the most publicly recognizable legal concepts, but it has become one of the core concepts used by several constitutional courts in Europe and beyond. It has been used usually to argue for a larger degree of jurisdictional and interpretative autonomy when discussing issues which involve international […]

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Cornering Trump on Russia

The scandals and allegations regarding the presumed covert relationship between Donald J. Trump and the Kremlin have become almost a normal part of the daily news cycle and with the resignation of Trump’s national security advisor, Michael Flynn, after he lied to vice-president Pence about the content of his discussions with the Russian ambassador to […]

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Putin: mission accomplished in Syria?

Yesterday, the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin, declared ‘mission accomplished’ in Syria and ordered the withdrawal of the Russian troops and airplanes that bombed the Syrian opposition and the jihadist factions that are fighting against the al-Assad regime for the control of the Syrian territory. This happens approximately six months after the beginning of the […]

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The Self and the Other: the US Foreign Policy and the “Rogue States”

The International Relations and the International “Community” are a social construction resulted from the interaction of multiple actors. This is one of the main thesis of the IR Constructivist theory. Another main assumption of many constructivist scholars is that the international identity of states, like the individual identity, is constructed and framed in relation to the […]

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