My work

From policy ideas to research endeavors, I make sure that I achieve my fullest potential. I’m open to discussing policy proposals, research projects, and ideas that can benefit from my input.

Research Projects

  • Security Narratives of Otherness: The U.S. and Russia in the EU Security Identity. (2017-2018)
  • Globalizing the security audiences: transnational effects of national processes of securitization. (2017)
  • The securitization of corruption in Romania: does security trump justice? (2016)
  • Securitizing Migration in Media Outlets: British and Romanian Newspapers Covering the 2015 Migration Crisis. (2016)

Policy advocacy


Together with my colleagues, I have drafted and successfully advocated in favor of an amendment to the National Education Law, changing the composition of the Administrative Boards of public high schools in Romania and including a student representative.

I have drafted and advocated in favor of amending the Governmental Ordinance no. 26/2000 in order to lower the minimum value of the assets required to create a new NGO (voluntary association) from one-month minimum wage to just 200 lei. As a consequence, the constitutional right to free association is further facilitates by lowering the economic constraints imposed by the law.

I drafted and I am still advocating for a law that will require all Romanian universities to publish (after a due embargo period) all Ph.D. theses defended. This bill comes as a response to the plagiarism phenomenon in higher education and is in line with the Berlin Declaration.