Discussing the opioid epidemics

9 Sep , 2018 Op-Ed

I was discussing yesterday with an American friend about the forthcoming US Senate vote on the opioid response package and how it is just another example of racialized policymaking. When you think about what policies the US government tends to adopt regarding substance abuse, it’s obvious that these policies are without exception resulting from the […]

Constitutional Identity and Illiberalism

9 Jun , 2018 Op-Ed

The concept of “constitutional identity” is not one of the most publicly recognizable legal concepts, but it has become one of the core concepts used by several constitutional courts in Europe and beyond. It has been used usually to argue for a larger degree of jurisdictional and interpretative autonomy when discussing issues which involve international […]

Let Assad Win. The West Will Win Soon After.

17 Apr , 2018 Analysis

The Syrian civil war drags on for over 7 years, with no swift end in sight. It is a humanitarian catastrophe and preempts any possible geopolitical stabilization of the Middle East, which is badly needed by all actors in the region and its near neighborhood (Europe, Africa, Central Asia). This multi-sited civil conflict, transformed into a proxy […]

Cornering Trump on Russia

26 Feb , 2017 Op-Ed

The scandals and allegations regarding the presumed covert relationship between Donald J. Trump and the Kremlin have become almost a normal part of the daily news cycle and with the resignation of Trump’s national security advisor, Michael Flynn, after he lied to vice-president Pence about the content of his discussions with the Russian ambassador to […]

Putin: mission accomplished in Syria?

16 Mar , 2016 Op-Ed

Yesterday, the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin, declared ‘mission accomplished’ in Syria and ordered the withdrawal of the Russian troops and airplanes that bombed the Syrian opposition and the jihadist factions that are fighting against the al-Assad regime for the control of the Syrian territory. This happens approximately six months after the beginning of the […]

Living in the Romanian Deaf Community

13 Mar , 2016 Op-Ed

I am a CODA. As a ‘child of deaf adults,’ I have grown up with a foot in the mainstream hearing culture of Bucharest and another in the Deaf sub-culture. A status that offers me a unique insight and access to the affairs and social developments that take place in the Romanian Deaf community, especially the one […]

#CorruptionKills and the Romanian Neoliberal discourse

11 Mar , 2016 Op-Ed

The #CorruptionKills slogan is maybe one of the most remembered mottos that endured after the „Colective”-related protests of last winter in Romania. A significant part of the people that occupied the University Square in Bucharest last winter have acquiesced to the main assumption of the neoliberal discourse, that the tragedy in the Colective Club happened because […]

The Brexit and Multi-Level Governance in the EU

6 Mar , 2016 Op-Ed

As we already know, the United Kingdom and the other 27 member states of the European Union agreed to an accord that will change some of the present interpretations of the EU treaties concerning aspects like the free movement of EU citizens in other EU member states, the ordinary legislative procedure, and competitivity regulations, that […]

Resurse pentru cercetare în științele sociale

20 Feb , 2016 Resources

Am criticat mereu sistemul terțiar de educație din România pentru lipsa stimulentelor necesare stabilirii unui mediu academic orientat spre cercetare, nu numai pentru studenții de licență și de master, de la care nu se așteaptă să realizeze prea multă cercetare, dar și pentru doctoranzi și cercetători, de la care se așteaptă să realizeze foartă multă cercetare. Resursele […]